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P2P Blog

Welcome to the Boston Manufacturing Group (BMG) Prototype-to-Production blog.

BMG supports manufacturing efforts that include engineering design for product prototypes and production, strategic sourcing for cost and quality, and quality control oversight for the entire manufacturing process. Whether it be Manufacturing Readiness or Quality Oversight, we can help. Our experiences have led us to some insights that may be helpful, and you will find some of them in the blog pages here.

We offer a choice of services which include: Intelligent Sourcing, Design for Manufacturing, Verification and Validation, Quality Control, VA/VE - Cost Reduction and Testing.

When it comes to building a great product, parts and partners matter. BMG can help direct projects to success with unparalleled internal expertise, an intelligent sourcing model, and a network of qualified manufacturers. We guide our clients through the process and work with engineering teams to holistically understand each projects' complexities.

Let us help you. Please reach out to me directly at 617) 410-8155 or via email I look forward to helping you!

Guy Breier


Chestnut Hill, MA


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