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Boston Manufacturing Group supports its customers sourcing needs through hands on access to thousands of suppliers.  

BMG can provide support in a wide variety of technical areas, including:


  • Electronics (PCBA, Components, Cables, Power Supplies, etc.)

  • Metal (Machining, Stamping)

  • Plastics (Molding)

  • Motors (BLDC, Universal, Induction)

  • Batteries (Li-Ion, NM-HI.)

  • Final Assemblies and Contract Manufacturing

High Quality Suppliers and Quality Assurance


  • BMG suppliers are experienced and validated for high quality. 

  • BMG can provide many different levels of tailored quality inspections 

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BMG has developed a proprietary five phase process to significantly improve your manufacturing process.

Innitial Engagement

Initial Audit

Report and Proposal


Sustain and Control

  • Phase 1– Initial Engagement

    • Initial meeting  to identify scope of the problem, issue or need to be solved.

  • Phase 2 – Initial Audit

    • Meet  at the manufacturing facility with the company and plant  leaders for 3-6 hours in which the customers’ needs and expectations are defined through a detailed series of questions and plant tour with  BMG manufacturing specialist.

  • Phase 3 – Initial Report and Proposal

    • BMG will provide client a summarized report of the issues, problems and recommended actions. The report will include a proposal which includes the project scope, engagement process and cost for engaging the BMG team which will include  leading manufacturing scientists from the United States.

  • Phase 4 – Consultation

    • BMG will bring world-renowned experts in manufacturing and control processes to solve the manufacturing problems identified. BMG will manage the project with the customer to ensure timely completion and cost-control.

  • Phase 5 – Sustain and Control

    • BMG will provide the customer with ongoing consultation to sustain the improvements as needed.

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